About us

Governance and Policy Advisers (GAP) is a consulting firm that works on a variety of areas from research and policy making to advocacy work. We aim to give a voice to the disenfranchised and ordinary people of Pakistan as well as asking those in power to respond to what is being asked from them. In light of this we have created a platform in which these people are interviewed to disseminate their views. Conferences and workshops and focus groups are also organized and conducted to bring together the civil society organizations with government representatives to foster and facilitating an understanding of the issues.

We have a simple vision which is our logo “closing gaps together”.

Our vision is to close the gaps that exist between different segments in society. We aim to do this through by bringing stakeholders together to help to create awareness about the gaps as well as working on overcoming these. This may involve compiling and analyzing statistics, data analysis and other research from working on policy formulation to holding disseminating information campaigns and workshops to encourage collaboration on issues.


GAP formerly incorporated in 2006 (formerly name as Media & Policy Analytic) in London as a platform to connect diaspora community in the UK to connect with their home country. Series of workshops and round tables were organized to connect prominent Pakistan based personalities to the overseas Pakistanis. In addition conferences were held to discuss Pakistani communities post 9/11 and 7/7 concerns.