Round table on the “Health Personnel Legislation for Sindh” was held in Karachi, on Tuesday 24th November 2015.

By | November 24, 2015

The Round table with parliamentarians: “Health Personnel Legislation for Sindh” was held in Karachi, on Tuesday 24th November,

2015. This was the fourth of such meetings, part of a larger initiative: “Engaging Parliamentarians to Advance Health Issues in Sindh”. The initiative is planned by JSI and USAID with the help of Governance & Police Advisers. This initiative is progressing forward in the form of a series of seminars and focused group meetings on health related issues with the goal of these discussions being to make Sindh parliamentarians cognizant of health risks being faced by their communities and implementation challenges being faced by health administrations in districts and how parliamentarians can help to improve this.The current roundtable was addressing issues of health personnel through legislation which had been raised by parliamentarians in all earlier meetings. An overview of draft legislation for health personnel was given to the health committee members including the Chairperson DrSohrabSarki, other participants present included donor agencies, technical advisors and representatives from DoH.The legislation had been drafted by JSI after input from parliamentarians, technical advisors, donor agencies and the department of health.

Dr Nabeela gave a brief overview of the existing HR status in the districts, based on the‘Health Facility Assessment Sindh – 2015’ and why there was a need for health legislation. She explained how the root cause of health issues often lies with the health personnel.MrRiazSolangi, Consultant JSI, who worked with JSI on drafting up the health personnel legislation, gave an overview of the salient points of the legislation and why it was needed. On why it was needed he pointed out that HR takes the biggest chunk of any health budget and it is HR that takes all the relevant decisions that ensure the health system quality hence it is very important that they be off a good quality to improve overall Health.

DrSohrabSarki, chairperson Health Committee, concluded the meeting by giving an overview of the current situation in Sindh and remarked while a lot had to be done it was not as bad as was being made out by some of the participants. He was very appreciative of the legislation draft being put together by JSI and said it had his full support and that of the health committee and they were ready to meet with the JSI and take this into parliament once it had been finalized in the health committee.